Thursday, July 26, 2018

Spy Games

What's all the fuzz about Russians trying to influence the outcome of elections?  What would you expect from the leadership in Russia?  Spy games are back on or never really were non-existent
since the Cold War,  Russia has spies in this country, as do many other nations.  The game is the same, the methods have changed.  There are those who believe that Russian interference helped President Donald Trump win the election.  Whether or not that is true is debatable. Certainly the interference has hurt President Trump the most, with an ongoing investigation trying to tie him to
the Russian interference.

What is even more disturbing to me and many others is that our government never really seemed to be concerned that this was going on, or wasn't really aware of it. Russia 1 - USA 0.

We are at war with Russia. The rules of war have changed.  With the threat of nuclear annihilation and modern technology, it may not be necessary to fight in the trenches.  Threats of interference exist in the banking industry, transportation, utilities and many other industries. Interference in elections is not the only threat.

The United States should be diligent in counter intelligence, and be one step ahead of its enemies.  Are we?  Should we not or are we not prepared to strike back against Russian vulnerabilities?

One-upmanship.  That's what it is all about in the world today.  We need to do a better job of protecting our many industries, and at the same time have the capability to do our enemies one better.

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