Friday, July 27, 2018

The "Deep State" Conspiracy

I am not much of a believer in conspiracies but I do have a theory on the "Deep State" conspiracy that existed to keep Donald Trump from becoming President.

The way I see it, there were people with the best of intentions to influence the election. Many of these were people within our own government.  These people felt strongly  that Mr. Trump becoming President would be detrimental to the security of our country.  These people truly believed that actions they took were patriotic and to the best interest of the United States.

As the elections drew nearer, it became obvious to these people that Hillary Clinton would win the election. Coming to that conclusion, the head of the FBI took a gamble and informed the American public about Hillary Clinton's problems with sharing information on a non-secured private server.
This had to come out prior to the election because if all this information came out after the election The FBI and/or the Department of Justice would be in serious trouble for withholding this information from the public. After all, rumors were confirmed that there was an investigation going on regarding Donald Trump's campaign, and to hide information about Hillary Clinton would definitely prove that  the FBI and the Justice Department influenced the American public.

Needless to say, much of this backfired when Donald Trump won the election.  Soon after the election, it became public knowledge that Russia tried to influence our election and an official investigation began focusing on the Trump Campaign and Trump himself.

Ever since the election, the press and political opponents have demonized President Trump.

It is sad to see how our criminal justice works when it comes to building a case against a suspect, despite lack of evidence. It seems the investigation has resulted in the persecution of witnesses for non related crimes, and putting enough pressure on them to snitch on others, with the hope of gaining evidence of collusion by Donald Trump with a foreign nation, specifically Russia.

That Russia interfered with our 2016 should not come as a surprise.  If fact it was well known prior to the election, It's hard to believe that our people were so inept that they did not see this threat, but if they did, they did nothing.

Spending two years trying to build a case against President Trump seems overkill.  The least that will come out of this investigation  are non related charges against the President.

I believe we should also do a more thorough investigation in election meddling by our own Department of Justice.  It seems obvious that there were people within the organizations who tried to steer the election towards Hillary Clinton.

Why did the FBI fail to follow up on the use of an unsecured server by Hillary Clinton?  Looking at what is happening to some of President Trump's associates, (being accused of non-related crimes), it is possible that it was something that could be held over her head when elected President.  Isn't that the same way J. Edgar Hoover operated?

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