Monday, September 17, 2018

Let Him Without Sin Cast The First Stone

Even if it were true that at one time in his youth Judge Kavanaugh made someone feel endangered or uncomfortable, he still seems to be the most puritanical man in the world.

Shame on those who demonize him.  Shame on Senator Feinstein for being in possession of a letter accusing Judge Kavanaugh of misconduct and not bringing it up earlier during the Judiciary Committee's hearing.  Shame on all those who demonize him and ignore the thousands of people who have spoken well of his character.  Shame on those who are ignoring Judge Kavanaugh's qualifications based on his record.  Shame on those have turned the judiciary hearings into an embarrassing circus. 

I find it hard to believe that in this modern age we still burn witches, and not by the fundamental Christians on the right, but by the "puritans" on the left; those who over fifty years ago introduced us to raunchy speech, movies, and behavior.

It seems to me our two party system needs a giant overhaul. Not even children can act the way  our elected national representatives do. We need to draw back to the center, focus on good government, and stop acting as if we were in an extremely nasty divorce. 


(Taken from a bumper sticker)

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