Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Heading in the wrong direction

First the left said Trump supporters would incite violence amongst the right wingers.  Now that it are the radical left wingers that are causing disruption and violence, they still hold Trump responsible.

Yesterday I read about a truck being set afire most likely because it had Trump bumper stickers.  It's not the first time a vehicle was deliberately damaged for that reason.  People with apparel indicating support for Trump are accosted on the streets, sometimes even refused service in restaurants. People like me are becoming afraid to show support for Trump for fear of property damage or physical harm.

It is not Trump who is inciting violence.  It are those who blame Trump for it.

The attempt to cause fear and disruption amongst well intended Trump supporters appears to be working.  And it's being caused by those people who compare Trump supporters to Nazis.

My parents taught me all about Nazis; bullies, licensed to push their way around, using fear as one of their weapons, accosting  people on the streets or in their homes, and creating genocide.

I'm not sure how we get rid of the hatred that has infested so many of our people. I hope it won't have to be some natural disaster, war, or civil unrest.  Wake up, America.  We are much better than this.