Wednesday, April 03, 2019


After 27 months into the presidency, our duly elected President continues to be badgered by the democrats in the House and Senate.  Most if not all are obstructionists, more interested in the failure of this administration than considering what is best for our country.

I for one voted for President Trump and the more I see what Democrats offer, the more I support our current administration.

Yes I admit that our President does not come from the same mold as his predecessors.  Yes I challenge his leadership style as he makes demands from his staff until they are burned out.  Yes I shiver every time he tweets, wondering who he is going to insult next. Yes I don't like his brash personality and his egotistical and narcissistic personality.  Still I want him to succeed as president and we would do our country a big favor if we supported him.

What is mostly at stake here is the way we elect our leadership.  Our president is duly elected by the people by a formula that keeps all of us from being ruled by the votes of one or more heavily populated states or cities.

Let me ask you this:  Is everything this  administration proposes  evil, reckless, and to the detriment of the country? Is it responsible to fight something not based on its merit but based on our disdain for the person who offers it?

Take the focus away from the president.  We all know what type of person he is. He won't change because you despise him.  Instead, focus on what is best for our country, we face plenty of challenges.

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