Thursday, May 09, 2019

Political Correctness

Cato Institute

Sadly we can no longer say what we think.  Every word we speak or write has to be sugar coated to make sure no one is offended.  And no matter how few object to your point of view, if anyone objects, you are likely to make headlines and are labelled.

 Check the headlines in the press. It's "he said", "she said".  Then the story is embellished by so called journalists who think they are editors.  The slant is in, no matter who reports a story.

It is the press that is making us cautious of what we say.  It's almost like freedom of the press vs freedom of speech. Not only that but it hides what we truly believe.  I love it when someone rattles off their extreme views on things, because I know exactly where he or she stands. Right or wrong, allow people to say what they want without having to fear retribution.  If what someone says can be considered a crime, such as threatening someone with harm, that's a different story. 

Divisiveness makes great headlines. It creates unnecessary hatred.  Being tolerant of someone else's view is a sign of maturity.  Chances are the person whose opinion you reject is as sincere as you are.

Let us become more open minded and seek solutions before we become even more divisive.  There was a time when catholics and protestants hated each other so much that it caused civil war.  Today, it is no longer a leading factor of divisiveness.  That barricade has been removed.  We need to do the same regarding political opinions and grow up. And that should begin with our leadership.  And the press.

Nothing has divided us more than Wrong versus Right. (Leo Diaz)

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