Monday, July 22, 2019

Why I am a White Racist

Why I am a White  Racist

Definitions from Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Racism:Belief that certain races of people are by birth and nature superior to others,
discrimination or hatred based on race.

Racist - a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others.

If you took this definition serious, you would think ‘I am not a racist”.  It is true that I am white, but not by choice. I could have come from any ethnic background, and my skin color could be any color of the rainbow, it really wouldn’t matter.

I came to the United States at the age of 19 as an immigrant and was welcomed by being inducted into the armed services within a year. I immediately lost my Dutch citizenship because of it.

I volunteered for Vietnam and discovered how ugly some Americans could be with no respect for another culture.
Still I yearned to become an American Citizen but could not receive such honor for five years, despite having to be in an armed conflict.
Best as I know I have never treated someone worse or better because of the color of their skin.   The only thing someone could criticize me for is that I enjoyed reading “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, which as a child was my way of learning about slavery.
Over the past two years I have had conversations with nearly two thousand persons from a different ethnic groups or with a different skin colors and with a few exceptions, I  felt a bond between us.
I have raised three daughters, all who have dated or are dating African Americans and have treated these men as I would any possible future in law.  I have very close family members who are gay or lesbian and love them as much as I do other members in my family.

Still, I am a racist.

And why am I a racist?  Certainly not based on the true definition as found at the beginning of this article.

The main reason I am a racist is that I am being told I am by people who call themselves progressive Democrats.  They have thrown away the true definition of racism and made it whatever they want it to mean.  These people, and by the way, mostly white, accuse any white person of racism that disagrees with their political agenda.  They will not listen to reason, they condemn anyone of any color who disagrees with them and have a tremendous impact on the freedoms we enjoy.
A most recent example of that is the stripping of the Miss Michigan title from a contestant who expressed her own opinion on social media on matters she believed in and that in my opinion or the opinion of Merriam-Webster were not racist at all, but still she was accused of such.
Things are frightening. It seems like it may not be long before people will be rounded up and sent to the gulags.
I am a white racist nationalist.  Why?  Because some are branding me that way to suit their purpose.

Following the Iranian revolution of 1979, Iranian women were made to wear Islamic hijab dresses on days that came to be known as forced hijab days. On March 8th, 1979, more than 100,000 women marched (albeit unsuccessfully) in protestWhere are they now?

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